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Xerox CentreWare Web gives you added productivity advantages you might not expect in device management. This innovative, web browser-based software tool installs, configures, manages, monitors, and reports on networked printers and multifunction devices in the enterprise - regardless of manufacturer… and it's free!

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Xerox CentreWare Web is a free download.
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Key Features
Features that improve productivity
Remotely configure printers and multifunction devices.
Manage many printers as if they were one with group-based management function.
Check device status throughout the enterprise.
Proactively monitor device status receiving alerts on printer status and problems, allowing everyday issues to be resolved before users experience down-time.
Troubleshoot problems.
Features to reduce costs
Track print usage by user and group to facilitate usage policies and ensure that devices are deployed to provide the best fit throughout the organization.
Features to help ensure security
Centrally manage and administer critical device settings to ensure consistent and correct implementation of security policies and procedures.

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