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maseru business machines (mbm) - Commitment to integrity and quality

Please contact Maseru Business Machines to get a quote for the product you need.
Tel: +266 233 14427 or Email:

We are committed to strategic and quality management.

We operate to strict legal and ethical guidelines. Integrity is the cornerstone of our business practice. We will conduct our affairs in a manner consistent with the highest standards.

We will:

Engage in fair and honest business practices.
Show respect for each other.
Show respect for clients, suppliers and the communities in
which we conduct our business.
Communicate in an honest, factual and accurate manner.

We are committed to best business practices, and provide quality solutions and products. We will provide our clients with evaluation forms to rate our service and performance to ensure good quality and speedy fixing of problems, and the highest quality.

We will:
"Strive to exceed the standards of excellence as defined by our clients.
"Promote continuous and measurable improvement to increase our competitive advantage and leadership position.
"Build responsibility for quality into every function in our organization.
"Build continuous learning and teaching into every job and work team.

We will actively participate in the creation of jobs and skills development, and through the appropriate cost effective technology we will connect communities to technology, and assist in transforming the communities we serve through the use of technology and our skills. We will assist our clients to reach the disadvantaged communities in their quest to be socially aware, and assist them in their community intervention program.

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