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matrix on nuvera™

matrix on nuvera™


production Systems - Black & White

Copier - Printer System
Standard functions: Copy, print and dual head scanner
High speed print volumes
Maximum paper size: 330 x 488mm
Speed D95:
95 ppm
Speed D110:
110 ppm
Speed D125:
125 ppm
Numerous finishing options add stacking, stapling, hole punching, booklet making, square fold trimmer, C-Z folder, Plockmatic Pro 30 Booklet Maker, GBC eBinder, Tape Binder
Exceptional copy/scan productivity

Xerox D95/110/125

More Information | Large Image View | Product Specifications

Digital Production System
Provides the power and speed needed to produce complex jobs while supporting your everyday print / copy needs
Speed 100:
100 ppm
Speed 120:
120 ppm
Speed 144:
144 ppm
Speed 157:
157 ppm
Handles a wide range of paper stocks and sizes, with a total feeding capacity of over 23,200 sheets

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More Information | Large Image View | Product Specifications.

Xerox Nuvera™ 128/155/180

Highlight Color System
Fastest cutsheet highlight color system on the market
Over 100 highlight colours
Speed 128:
128 ppm
Speed 155:
155 ppm
Speed 180:
180 ppm
Resolution of 600 x 2,400 b/w and 600 x 600 highlight
Maximum paper size: 363mm x 432mm

Xerox Nuvera™ 100/120/144/157 EA

More Information | Large Image View | Product Specifications

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Xerox Nuvera™ 200/288/314 EA

Digital Perfecting System
Boosts total productivity as the fastest (314 duplex impressions per min) digital duplex monochrome cut-sheet printer in the industry
Delivers exceptional, offset-level image quality with a smooth matte finish, with the cost and time efficiencies associated with digital printing

More Information | Large Image View | Product Specifications

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Xerox Nuvera® MX Production Systems, DocuPrint®
MICR Solutions

Backed by the Xerox® MICR Check guarantee
Security features like Media Log and Check Production Integrity
Select from software and hardware options to best meet your needs and price points
Media to match your applications - consistently high image quality on popular coated
and uncoated stocks

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More InformationLarge Image View | Product Specifications

Xerox® 650/1300

Continuous Feed Printer
Transactional, publishing, direct mail and digital book application support
Maximizes productivity—prints 1,232 11" x 17" impressions per minute
(91.9 meters per minute)
Patented Print Line Management for production flexibility and ease of use
Noncontact flash-fusing expands media capabilities and delivers unmatched output
for high‑speed printing
Available in single, twin (duplex) and multiplex engine configurations
Xerox® FreeFlow Print Server and ImageSmooth Technology deliver unmatched image
quality at maximum speed

More Information | Large Image View | Product Specifications

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