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DirectSmile means unique image personalization capabilities combined in one strong tool:
Create images with the DirectSmile Designer, use a strong document solution and benefit from the integrated print workflow.
Design your own images
Use the most powerful design tool for personalized images. You find numerous possibilities for creation of your own designs.
VDP Document Solution
Create your variable documents with our solution for Adobe InDesign®.

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Fully Scalable Solution
1000 images or one million. You can scale your DirectSmile system to any production capacity at any time.
All Output Options
Ready for all digital presses, for image personalized e-mails or websites and for export of images to other personalization systems.
Pricing Model
Benefit from attractive pricing for your individual business concept.
Comprehensive Support
Much more than just technical support: DirectSmile doesn´t let you alone when you need help in creation, marketing, integration.

directsmile vdp studio

Customize any part of any printed piece simply through rules and include personalized images in one seamless workflow. DirectSmile VDP Studio is your professional solution for personalized print production.

You can create all layouts using Adobe InDesign as always, set up rules and create imposition. Optimized, multiple output options and a layout-to-press data stream ensure high productivity. Thanks to full scalability VDP Studio can grow as your business grows. Simply add more performance with additional Rendering Licenses.

Included Features
Design Editor to design your own image sets (background image plus font)
Database-driven (xls, csv, txt, mdb) rendering of personalized images
Creation of documents with variable content based on your InDesign layouts. Set up rules for personalized images, variable text and layers.
Imposition for optimized use of sheets
Output: print data stream comprising high-res documents incl. images (PDF, PPML and JLYT)
Fully scalable solution. One Rendering Instance included in package.

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